Half Your Workload, Caregiving, and Mental Load With Job Sharing

3 million women have been pushed out of the workforce

What if I told you that you could more than survive this pandemic and half your workload, caregiving, and mental load with job sharing?

I want you to hear this message: If something has happened to the professional life you spent years developing, it is not your fault. I’ve been thinking A LOT about how to keep women from becoming one more than 3 million who were pushed out of the workforce by the pandemic. I understand how they feel more than ever.

You see, I too was forced to stop working for a time when suddenly caring for my mom and kids all while working/schooling/living at home. If this is you or you’re barely hanging onto your job, stressed by the instability of the pandemic without any social safety net, help is on the way.

a secret benefit of job sharing

There’s a job sharing secret benefit that could be more life-changing RIGHT NOW than ever before — equity at work AND home. Job sharing at work organically sets up equal co-parenting by halving your workload, caregiving, and Mental Load.

This is our household before I started job sharing when my baby Iris was 6 months old. The top two are from her first day of daycare when I raced across town, feeling so guilty that my husband took her.

a young family with a baby at home

Those days were hard. Over the years, many of my friends commented, “Mike is just so great. If only I could get (insert husband’s name) to do (insert chore/Mental Load activity/caregiving duty).” And I agree, my husband Mike is a great guy. But there’s more to it…

How to half your workload, caregiving, and mental load job sharing (and how to know job sharing will work in your job)

In this training, I share something I’ve never revealed before — how we achieved a truly equal co-parenting household because of job sharing. And how, even when I stopped job sharing to start Work Muse, equal co-parenting became an ingrained family value set.

I also dive into exactly how you will confidently know job sharing is right for you and why it will work in your job. You see, job sharing doesn’t just enable you to level up at work by utilizing two minds in one job while working part-time, but the structure itself creates boundaries around:

  1. The unpaid labor you do,
  2. The Mental Load, and
  3. Setting up an equal co-parenting dynamic where you each take the lead half the week.


  • [5:20] I pose 2 questions to help you find clarity around your current challenges and how you can find solutions for them.
  • [6:15]  How we can prevent more women from joining the 3.5 million pushed out of the workforce?
  • [7:48] An “aha” I found job sharing and why it can make a big impact in the pandemic by halving the work in every area of life.
  • [8:21] When languishing takes hold, how working with a job share partner makes your job more fun.
  • [10:49] What job sharing set up in our household, and why it may have been a bigger benefit than reclaiming half of my time.
  • [11:15]  I reveal exactly how my job share worked in practice and why distractions at work became a thing of the past.
  • [12:17] What the secret reality of my job sharing life was, and why they didn’t even know me at my baby’s daycare.
  • [13:20] How job sharing enabled an equal co-parenting household and what lead parenting means exactly.
  • [14:40] How job sharing cut my Mental Load organically and the way job sharing trains you to then train your life partner
  • [19:05] Why it is critical for women personally to stay in their jobs now.
  • [19:56] How to apply a job share mindset at home, but why it’s easier to do if you job share.
  • [23:49] The 3 keys to successfully job share that you need to know.
  • [24:49] The personal traits successful job sharers have in common and how many traits you need to do it.
  • [29:33] The “aha” few know about the kinds of jobs that job sharing that are especially suited for job sharing.
  • [33:18] The kinds of jobs that job sharing works in that most employers would be shocked by.
  • [37:12] The question I ask you to consider and how it would change your life. Plus a statistic that will blow you away.



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Melissa Nicholson job shared for nearly a decade and is the Founder & CEO of Work Muse. Work Muse drives the adoption of job sharing in business as a source of competitive advantage while helping individuals find work-life balance. Join the #JobshareRevolution here.

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