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Job Share Academy

The first-ever online training program for helping employees create successful job shares. Job Share Academy not only shows employees Interested in job sharing exactly how to create their job shares—the right way—but how to leverage two skill sets in one position to bring your company better solution-driven results. The program is designed with flexibility and hands-on support. online job share training program 

Employees interested in job sharing will: job share training 

  • Validate their job share to make sure it’s the right fit
  • Master the art of job sharing in any scenario
  • Vet partner candidates and select their job share partner
  • Make strategic decisions for their job share plan
  • Craft a Job Share Proposal for exactly how their job share will work
  • Write a Job Share Agreement to guide the company and their job share team
  • Learn strategies to develop foolproof handover and communication systems, on-ramp with ease, and work seamlessly with one another and stakeholders.

Interested in our online job share training program to retain and recruit diverse talent? Schedule a complimentary consultation.

Andy Olivera

Job share really does help with employee retention. My guys were very good in the field; people were always trying to steal (them) away from me. But the job share was working so well, there was really no competition. We had a wonderful mix of family and job and the work experience was just so much greater than what anybody could throw (at them) that we were able to retain the employees.”

Our workshops can help your employees explore job sharing. Learn more here.