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Job Share Academy course

The first-ever online training program for creating, selling, and getting the green light for your job share. Job Share Academy not only shows you exactly how to create and get approval for your job share, but how to negotiate pro-rated salary and benefits like a pro, and become a SuperTeam primed for promotion—on your timeline with flexibility.

Eliminate the guilt of putting family or work first, the overwhelm of your never-ending to-do list, and the stress from disintegrating work boundaries—all while keeping your career on track and breaking the glass ceiling in whatever shoes you choose.

As a Job Share Academy course student, you will:

  • Validate your job share
  • Master the art of job sharing in any scenario
  • Vet and select your job share partner
  • Make strategic decisions for approaching your boss
  • Craft a proposal that sells
  • Perfect overcoming objections or even a rejection
  • Master job share secrets to level up in your job share

Mary Kaye & Sommer

“When you start to look at job sharing, the details can seem daunting. From working with HR to potential obstacles within the workplace—Work Muse is a wealth of knowledge. We not only got the green light for our job share but received full-time benefits for both partners with vacation and sick time. The job share agreement was so vital in establishing parameters to guide our partnership, that our company used it to create a corporate policy for future job share teams.”



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