3 Mindset Shifts for Job Sharing at the Top

3 Mindset Shifts for Job Share at the Top (And How to level up *in* a job share)

The pandemic has transformed the way the entire world works and lives. And it’s taken a toll on all of us, all the way up—leading companies to rethink the status quo to prioritize well-being. Job sharing is on the uptake with giants like JPMorgan shaking things up with co-CEOs. Senior-level job sharing is called top sharing.

Your priorities may have changed, but your career aspirations may not have.  Have you ever wondered if you could job share when your dreams include making it to the director or even CEO level?

Yes, you can! Job sharing at the senior level is often referred to as top sharing. And After three co-CEOs laid out their best tips for successful day-to-day job sharing for us, it got me thinking…and frankly, delving deeper into what it takes for a leadership duo to hit their stride.

Old myths aside, the more demanding a job is, the bigger the payoff of applying two minds to one role. Job sharing actually makes senior jobs that most primary caregivers can’t even consider due to the hours and travel alone, totally possible.

BUT… there are some major mindset shifts teams at the top sharing roles need to embrace (that go against what we’ve been taught to think of as good leadership). So I had to create a training to dive into it…

3 Mindset shifts for job sharing at the top (and how to level up in a job share)


*Note: Skip ahead past the countdown timer’s first 10 minutes.


  •  [13:50] One of the biggest misconceptions about the kinds of positions job sharing works in. What positions job sharing can be applied to that may surprise you.
  • [15:20] This question will help you envision how you can work alternatively job sharing without limiting your career trajectory
  • [19:13]  Why Mindset Shift #1 reveals how trust and accountability will work at the managerial level and beyond for job share leaders and who their first level of responsibility is to.
  • [25:30] How Mindset Shift #2 will allow you to feel confident your team is supported when you and your job share partner divide responsibilities.
  • [26:34] Why job sharing is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) super tool, and why this works particularly well at the top.
  • [28:20] How job sharing at the top opens up leadership positions to primary caregivers, even those without children, and why diversity at the top matters.
  • [28:56] My personal story of how aging parent caregiving affected my life and my viewpoint on the disruption of women’s careers.
  • [30:57] Examples of companies hiring cross-gender job share co-CEOs due to pandemic challenges.
  • [33:10]  The hardest mindset shift for nearly all job sharers to make and why it’s particularly difficult for senior-level job sharers.
  • [38.00] Why a job sharing up-levels leadership abilities in ways those without partners are unable to access.
  • [40:54] How leaders can let go of the ego that got them to the top. And why doing things differently will position them for success.
  • [44:21] I reveal a job sharing secret for those pushed out of careers to relaunch a senior career and sidestep ageism.
  • [47:17] Why the skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow when AI takes up to 20% in the U.S. are the exact skills job sharing develops in individuals.
  • [50:15] My personal message to you for why this is the time to take advantage of shifting employer practices.



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Melissa Nicholson job shared for nearly a decade and is the Founder & CEO of Work Muse. Work Muse drives the adoption of job sharing in business as a source of competitive advantage while helping individuals find work-life balance. Join the #JobshareRevolution here.


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