Our Story

Work Muse began with a passion for job sharing.

Our Story

At Work Muse, we are passionate about supporting people, developing their talent, and creating the strongest results at work while allowing employees to prioritize work and life.

We’re on a mission to drive adoption of job sharing as a source of competitive advantage for business. Work Muse brings training, implementation, and support to ensure job share program success.

My Story

My background includes 5 years as co-founder of a film company and 14 as a marketing & sales professional in the radio industry including nearly a decade of practical hands-on experience job sharing. After my time in the film industry, I returned to radio as my husband and I began planning for a family, knowing the field offered the opportunity to job share. After returning from maternity leave, my manager who’d worked with top-performing job sharers proposed the work practice. My daughter was 6 months old at the time, and working 5 days a week with the demands of motherhood and career left me feeling depleted and unable to be my best at either. Job sharing was a life-changer; it gave me the best of both worlds.

What I Learned

In nearly a decade of job sharing, I experienced the benefits firsthand. Every job share team I met were the highest achieving employees in their organizations. The only thing that mystified me was why more industries didn’t offer the innovative work practice.

I found that where job sharing exists, there is little education or support for job sharers, managers, or human resources, and the challenges I experienced were the direct result of a lack of company-wide know-how.

I had seen my company and career thrive through job sharing and became passionate about sharing this little known flexible work practice to improve the lives of others.

Research Supports Job Sharing

I threw myself into a year-long research dive to develop an effective game plan to work with businesses and individuals to make job sharing a reality for the many, not just the few.

The aha moment was immediate; the research corroborated what I intuitively knew from my firsthand experience: job sharers are more productive, loyal, and happier than their counterparts and their managers, clients, and co-workers experience very positive results working with them.

The bigger aha: job share partners were doing it all alone through trial and error, on a boat with no oars and little to no support but they were still kicking ass.


If you are an HR professional or manager, Work Muse can help you create a work environment that leverages job sharing to attract and retain diverse talent and increase productivity and engagement.  Learn more here.

If you want the most rewarding experience of your professional life and your best opportunity for real work-life balance, Work Muse can help you enter the world of job sharing.  Learn more here.