Gabriela Mendez & Gabriela Proctor
Job Share Team

Senior Account Executives, Univision Communications

  • So interchangeable, they go by the nickname GX2 at work
  • Gave up forty percent of their billing in order to job share & earned every penny back plus more for their company
  • GX2 work toward their strengths – Gaby M excels at strategic agency business and Gaby P excels at direct business development.
  • Inspire one another at work & home, running triathlons together
  • Favorite saying: “A Gaby is always here for you!”

Andy Olivera
Manager of a Job Share Team

Manager of Job Share Team Gabriela Mendez & Gabriela Proctor

  • GX2 are both A players – great communicators, organized, and super accountable
  • The key to GX2’s success: over-communication.  “They both knew their business so well, talking to one was like talking to both of them together.”
  • Strongest benefit: “Having two happy team members who thrive on working, learning, and growing together while achieving amazing results for the company.”
  • “We saw a growth to the extent of 20% to 30% on all their major accounts…I’m a true believer in the job share program.”

Kim Williams & Amber Barr
Job Share Team

Librarians, Pease Elementary

Principal Matthew Nelson
Manager of a Job Share Team

Manager of Job Share Team Kim Williams & Amber Barr 

  •  We get two for one. Amber and Kim work closely; they overlap, come in for meetings together, are committed and put in more time than one full-time employee.
  •  “We get two amazing kid-centered, energetic librarians for the price of one.  And that, is the best deal in town.”
  • Kim & Amber are a super team together; Kim excels at high impact, creative ideas and Amber is organized and detail oriented, creating the roadmap to make large projects happen.

Paige Wilson & Heather Lonsdale
Job Share Team

Senior Account Executives, Border Media Partners

  • Best benefit job sharing: collaboration and work-life balance
  • Paige’s business development experience + Heather’s national agency experience created a synergy they could never have achieved working alone.
  • On clients, “They loved working with job shares. They had constant coverage, they knew that they were getting two brains instead of one, and they knew that they had somebody who was going to take care of them.”

Emily Dillinger & Pam McElroy
Job Share Team

Senior Account Executives, iHeart Media

  • Pam opened the doors for others by pioneering job sharing in Austin radio 16 years ago.
  • Pam & Emily were both single moms who found job sharing gave them the time and income they needed to raise their families.
  • Their manager referred to them as “The Dynamic Duo!” Pam, “We laughed about everything a lot!…I lived for Wednesdays!” and Emily shot back, “It was a fun experience, the whole thing.”