3 Steps to Simplify Finding Your Job Share Partner

3 Steps to simplify finding your job share partner & 3 things standing in your way of doing it

Job sharing can seem complicated, but the reality is once you’ve put your plan in place, it is simple. In this training, we’ll demystify the process of finding your job share partner. You’ll learn how to tackle the mental roadblocks that might be standing in your way.

flexible work opened up during the pandemic but it doesn’t start and stop with remote work

Many of us are struggling with the instability of the pandemic. Let’s acknowledge that this is all hard. It’s become increasingly clear that the way the 40-hour workweek binds us is no longer sustainable. Never was really.

Unexpectedly, flexible working opened up during the pandemic but flexible work doesn’t begin and end with remote working. As many of found, there are some setbacks to remote working, especially around boundaries that we all have to be aware of. Overwork can easily seep into our remote working lives inadvertently.

If you are hanging on by one unraveling thread, job sharing is an incredible work practice to lift the languishing and burnout you’ve been feeling and make a tangible difference in your work and life.

3 Steps to simplify finding your job share partner & 3 things standing in your way of doing it

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  • [13:00] The very personal reason Work Muse’s focus is based on training, implementation, and support.
  • [15:30] The question that comes up over and over again at Work Muse and why it’s simpler than you think.
  • [16:45] The two questions I pose to help you imagine what job sharing could mean to your life and career.
  • [18:30] I share how my job shares worked with each of my four partnerships. Learn how my struggles at the start informed how I selected future job share partners.
  • [20:20] Learn how the pandemic has opened up your job share partner prospects. Plus, discover the creative ways you can think about finding your partner.

the 3 steps and 3 things

  • [22:05]  I share the step you must know before all else (Step #1) in looking at partner candidates. And ultimately, how it will help you find your job share partner.
  • [25.23] I dive into the myths around job sharing starting with Myth #1 which prevents most people from broadening their search.
  • [26:52:] The reality behind debunking Myth #2 that might surprise you most and how this worked in my job shares.
  • [29:04] Why Myth #3 is the exact opposite of what you want and why your job share partner is like a work spouse. Learn how to adjust to your partner’s work style.
  • [31:39] The reason encourage future job sharers to find a partner with a diverse background to create stronger results.
  • [36:41] How to apply Step #2 to find candidates who are an ideal partner.
  • [39:36] Why you should let it be known that you want to job share. And how to apply Step #3 to ultimately find your job share partner.
  • [40:41] The surprising statistic that will change the way you (and others) think about working part-time in a job share and why so few do this one thing.
  • [44:00] How to leverage time differences to open up your talent pool and get more done.
  • [46:17] Why the #1 thing standing in the way of would-be-job sharers from pursuing their job shares can hold up even those job sharing for years.
  • [50:35] Why this fear is the #2 thing standing in way of people finding their job share partner and how to make sure it doesn’t stand in your way.
  • [52:00] Why the #3 thing that prevents people from finding their partner is easier to overcome than they think. In addition, learn why this obstacle is the opposite of what most think.



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Melissa Nicholson job shared for nearly a decade and is the Founder & CEO of Work Muse. Work Muse drives the adoption of job sharing in business as a source of competitive advantage while helping individuals find work-life balance. Join the #JobshareRevolution here.

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