Job Share Coaching

job share coaching

After job sharing for nearly a decade, I know first-hand that support is essential for job share success. Through job share coaching we offer you education, guidance, and feedback on a number of crucial components of job sharing.

My goal is to guide you through the process to ensure the most rewarding job sharing experience by personally helping you:

  • Find the right job share partner
  • Build the business case and create your Job Share Proposal 
  • Get the green light for your job share, either for your current position or a new one,
  • With a prorated salary and the benefits you need
  • Create your Job Share Agreement to set the parameters and protect the partnership
  • Develop seamless communication and handover strategies
  • Understand how to work with stakeholders as a job share
  • Utilize effective tools to make your job share transition smooth and help you work through everyday challenges
  • Level up in a job share to rise through the ranks in your company or another

I am invested in your personal growth and success as a job share team. I am committed to supporting you in keeping your career on track while having the work-life balance you need to be your personal best.

Whether aspiring or current job sharer, if you are in need of coaching, schedule a complimentary consultation.

Mary Kaye & Sommer

“Melissa’s dedication to our team’s success didn’t end once we started job sharing, she’s the advocate all job sharers need and continues to advise us. We are already seeing a boost in our productivity, enthusiasm, and results for our company! Did we mention we have a great work-life balance? We do!”


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