#10: A Pep Talk And My 4-Step Process to Get Unstuck


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A pep talk and my 4-step process to help you get unstuck and get into action to make your big moves and achieve your goals.

Jobshare Revolution podcast episode 10:How to Get Unstuck: A Pep Talk And My 4-Step ProcessWhen that little devil fear is sitting on your shoulder, this pep talk will help you get unstuck and get into action to achieve your work-life goals.

In my twenties, I set my sights on becoming an actor—not as a hobby—a career. I saved 10 grande, quit my job, started a production company to make a living while learning the industry, and began intense study with my mentor for the next five years. I cut my chops on independent and student films, as a day player on studio films (you might even glimpse me in the opening credits of Miss Congeniality—my close-up with Michael Kane, cut on the editing floor, dammit), and play productions (I even got engaged on stage).

At one point my dad asked, “How long do you think you’ll do this?” The underlying question was: How long are you giving yourself to “make it” before you get a real job, settle down, and start having babies?

I replied, “What have you regretted in your life?” and then, he surprised me, “I never regretted the things I did, I only regretted the things I didn’t do.”

I chose to take the last piece of advice and overlook the well-intentioned question.

I never regretted the things I did, I only regretted the things I didn’t do. – Bill Taylor

Inspired by the advice my dad gave me early on when I was pursuing an acting career and the dual sandwich caregiving challenges I’ve faced over the past several years, Episode 10’s pep talk with practical advice is intended to inspire you to move through your fears to take the actions needed to achieve your goals.

So settle in and listen up for my good old-fashioned pep talk and how to apply this 4-step process to get unstuck, do it faster, and do it scared…

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [3:07] Why you deserve a life of your own design and to forgive yourself if you haven’t achieved your goals in a timely way the past several years with challenges that were, well, just extra.* I divulge life’s curveball that forced me to take a career break and adopt this mentality.
  • [5:02] The tipping point we are at and why mapping out a plan to achieve your goals by committing to daily actions will prevent you from sputtering and stalling out, then abandoning your goals altogether. I urge you to heed my hard-learned lesson so you don’t make the same mistake I did.
  • [7:08] This simple 4-step process for daily action will help you achieve your career goal—getting a raise, switching careers, relaunching from a career break, or job sharing—and why you should do it before you’re ready.
  • [10:30] During the last chance to enroll in Job Share Academy until the fall, I share details of how the supportive cohort coupled with my hands-on support and expertise as a 15-year sales professional will help you overcome objections to gain approval for your job share—in less time.
  • [12:03] The one thing you can do to fuel your momentum and get unstuck and make your big-life moves.

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