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Debunking these 7 job share myths is key before proposing a job share to your employer.

Work Muse Founder Melissa Nicholson debunking the 7 job share myths key to know before proposing a job share.Don’t let other people’s misconceptions stand in your way of job sharing.

These commonly held beliefs hold a majority of people who’ve heard of and thought about job sharing, from ever following through to create their job shares. Similarly, the same misinformed beliefs are why most employers turn down a job share, losing out on the productivity, engagement, and solution-driven results job sharing can bring.

In Episode 7, I first break down which of your stakeholders need to understand the realities of job sharing. Then, I unveil how knowing these truths will help you implement 3 key essentials to putting your job share plan into place. Finally, I guide you through a deep dive into each of the seven myths to debunk each, myth by myth, based on research from the most comprehensive study to date. With nearly a decade of hands-on experience in job sharing and the same working with future to current job sharers and employers, I can confidently confirm that these myths and realities hold.

There’s one thing I know for sure: being prepared with facts will help you overcome many of the objections you’ll likely face when proposing a job share. It will enable you to get beneath the facts by asking questions to expose what they feel and what they believe about flexible work practices like job sharing to be better positioned to win approval of your job share arrangement.

So settle in and get ready for some deep listening as I give you the powerful antidote to a sea of “It won’t work in _____” statements. Trust me, you’ll want to bookmark this episode to come back to.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [3:03] Who needs to understand the realities of job sharing and the 3 key essentials that identifying these myths will help you do when putting your job share plan into place.
  • [4:30] The top thing that employers and employees alike have a hard time wrapping their heads around and why, ironically, the two things managers fear the most are job sharers’ superpowers.
  • [5:23] Discover why some job shares last a few years while others last for decades with Myth #2, and why job sharing is flexible on more than one level as I debunk Myth #3.
  • [8:42] The surprising truth about which jobs work well for job sharing I reveal when debunking Myth #4. The two statistics that will blow your mind (and your boss’s) and empower you to progress your career while sharing roles.
  • [11:15] Why part-time stigma is higher in the U.S., particularly for men, and the reason that job sharers are not less committed, but in fact, the opposite.
  • [13:56] The considerations when finding a job share partner for creating a successful job share team. And, how important is it to job share with someone that you know?

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Melissa Nicholson job shared for nearly a decade and is the Founder & CEO of Work Muse. Work Muse drives the adoption of job sharing in business as a source of competitive advantage while helping individuals find work-life balance. Join the #JobshareRevolution here.


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