#5: GX2: A Superteam’s Advice to Future Job Sharers


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They thought about it for years—corporate turned entrepreneurial job share team Gabriela Mercado and Gabriela Proctor open up about how they persisted for their job share’s approval and what they’d do differently today, so you don’t have to.

You might be surprised to learn how job sharing can positively impact your career and income. Tapping into one another’s strengths gave the duo the “perfect formula” for career success so much so that, unbelievably, the minute GX2 (their job share nickname)  began job sharing, not only did they make more income than working full-time, but the job itself became a fun adventure.

In this episode, GX2 shares how they took their job share from the corporate world into their entrepreneurial journey. The duo expands upon how job sharing impacted their household labor and Mental Load while allowing them to lean into the parts of parenting they enjoyed most but were previously unable to do, like volunteering for field trips once they found themselves able to “move through both worlds fully and more intentionally.”

GX2’s message to you: Educate yourself, create a plan to job share, but don’t wait—instead, go for it.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [5:15] The seed that planted the idea of job sharing for GX2 and the motivating factors that led them to create their job share after years of thinking about it.
  • [9:25] How GX2 proposed their job share and negotiated their arrangement including benefits and the unbelievably short time it took the duo to recover their previous full-time income after job sharing.
  • [12:00] How to negotiate your income in a salaried versus commission-based full-time position. Plus, the mind-blowing statistic for job shares who are promoted together.
  • [13:56] Why job sharing was Gaby Mercado’s “perfect formula” for a successful, more enjoyable career.
  • [16:51] GX2’s transition from working in the radio industry to starting a business together as a job share.
  • [19:05] GX2’s best advice for those exploring job sharing, the reason nobody is coming to offer you a job share, and the mindset you need to adopt when pursuing a job share’s approval.
  • [22:22] Hidden benefits of job sharing on Gaby Proctor’s marriage and how job sharing taught her to share the load at home and create boundaries to be fully present in her personal life.
  • [28:31] How Gaby Proctor took what she learned to collaborate with partners in to the entrepreneurial world.
  • [32:05] Why job sharing’s time has come and the tools accessible to those interested in creating a job share today.

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