#12: How to Take a Summer Pause for Real Self-Care


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When a pause and real self-care are called for

If I know one thing for sure, it’s this: There will ALWAYS be challenging seasons to navigate when life moves fast and work is intense.

Jobshare Revolution Podcast Episode 12: How to Take a Summer Pause for Real Self-Care - Melissa Nicholson and her dog Howard the GreatEnd-of-school craziness paired with lax summer schedules can feel harder for parents of younger kids, trying to piece together childcare during working hours via relatives, friends, camps, or most likely, a combo. I find arranging offline activities, viable work experiences (dependent on parent help and chauffering), and the emotional ping pong of parenting pre-teens through teens who’ve fazed out of care, more stressful.

Personally, the end-of-school craziness always hits me like a two-by-four. If there’s one thing I miss about job sharing, it’s having a work bestie to help me keep my well-being in check, even if it takes putting a blowhorn to my ear (because for real, that’s what it takes) to signal it’s time to pause and extend myself some real self-care.


In Episode 12’s Mindset Minisode, the unpolished me shares:

  • How I handle summer (am I talking about myself in the third person , IDK, I’m pretty bad at grammar),
  • Why I need to pause and slow down (and you may too), and
  • How I pivot and downshift some parts of my business for real self-care when kids are home (and it’s impossible to work in the same way)—all so I can continue the sustainable work of changing the workplace (or at least the way YOU work).

As job sharing enables humans to rest, refresh, and recharge weekly—you too, can slow it down a bit.

With that, Jobshare Revolution podcast is taking a short summer pause to bring you thoughtful eye-opening episodes to empower you to make your big moves come back to school time. Until then, below (in the “Links Mentioned In This Episode” section) is how we can stay connected and you can keep up with job share learning opportunities over the summer:

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