Mary Kaye & Sommer

“When you start to look at job sharing, the details can seem daunting. From working with HR to potential obstacles within the workplace – Work Muse is a wealth of knowledge. We not only got the green-light for our job   Read more

Principal Matthew N.

“Job sharing is one of those new ways to work and it’s not traditional 9 to 5 lunch pail, like when we were kids – it’s now different.  It’s a way that they can now recruit talent and retain talent.   Read more

Principal Matthew Nelson

“We are getting much more than what we are paying for.  Do not tell anybody this though, because we like paying for the little and getting the lot, which is, as you know, a rarity in education.  But, we get   Read more

Principal Matthew N

“The strongest benefit of having a job share team on our campus is the simple matter you’re getting two for one…You’ve got two people working twice as hard as one person obviously, it’s just the simple fact that you’re getting   Read more

Melanie C.

“The Work Muse Workshop Series taught me the nuts and bolts of job sharing and whether it’s a fit for my life. Melissa’s passion for helping individuals find work-life balance goes beyond just talk. She gives attendees the tools they   Read more