Work Muse Founder Melissa Nicholson

Founder Melissa Nicholson shares the Work Muse mission and why job sharing is more than just a flexible work practice, it’s a diversity, equity, and inclusion super tool.

Manager Andy Olivera talks strongest benefits of working with a job share

Manager Andy Olivera Manager Andy Olivera talks about the strongest benefits for clients and managers working with a job share team.

Why job sharing is a new way to work

Why Job Sharing Is A New Way To Work Job sharers and managers of job shares explain why job sharing is a new way to work and how companies that “get it” have the happiest, most productive, and loyal employees.

Three Job Share Teams’ Advice

Three job share teams’ advice Three job share teams share their heartfelt advice about what job sharing is really like.

Pat Ingram & Amanda Braziel advice to job share partners

Pat Ingram & Amanda Braziel Librarian job share team Pat Ingram and Amanda Braziel give advice to future job sharers on what to discuss before working together job sharing.