What You Don’t Know About Job Sharing. Or Me.

It’s your time…You’ve heard about job sharing (kind of). And you might know me, and that I experienced actual, real work-life balance job sharing starting when my sweet girl was just six months old for over eight life-changing years.

But here’s what you don’t know about job sharing. Or me:

Job sharing: A partnership between two people to share the responsibilities of one full-time position.

  • That I worked three days a week, enjoyed one full day to myself (for errands, yoga, DIY projects, and don’t shoot me–matinee chick flix and in-store try-on-the-clothes shopping), and had three days to fully engage with my family.  And occasionally, I would pick up one kiddo for a one-on-one mom date kayaking on Lady Bird Lake on my “me” day (OK, you saw the FB photos).
  • That I got full-time benefits and split my commissions 50/50, and that while not all job share partners receive full-time benefits, many do.
  • That my partner and I each worked three consecutive days with one day of overlap, which gave us a secret vacation perk! I could take a week off, then we could trade our workweek the second week giving me a full two weeks of vacation!! The employer advantage? My company only missed an employee for two days!
  • That I never checked my work email on my four “off” days. If my partner needed a quick brainstorm or there was a big decision to be made, she would text me and vice versa, which happened maybe twice a month.
  • My job share partner and I were so in sync that we could almost channel what the other would do. People saw us as completely interchangeable and sometimes they would actually call us “job share”, which slightly annoyed me.
  • That I had a supportive partner who always had my back, made my job the most fun ever, and who made me better than I could ever, ever be on my own.  The relationship became equally as important as the flexibility I found job sharing.
  • And, that in a time of family crisis, my job share partner saved the day! My partner took work off my plate or vice versa, so we could focus on our family until we all pulled through and could return to work with focus and clarity.
  • That I had four partners over the years and every partner I worked with made me better at my job. I learned from their strengths, which were different from mine, and those combined strengths made us one super-employee…
  • Which meant we were leaders in our field and consistent top billers making between $1.2 and $1.4 million for our company every year.
  • That job sharing is not always easy; it requires work on the front-end to get the team off to a strong start. And, it requires regular check-ups to make sure the partnership is healthy.  This is something I learned over time.
  • That I started job sharing with stars in my eyes for my infant knowing little about what makes for a strong job share team. But throughout the years, I learned more and more about creating strong job share teams. I saw how incredible the job share relationship is, one that job sharers describe to me as “intimate”, which always makes me smile because I completely get it.

That I threw myself into a year-long research dive, interviewed job share teams near and far, and developed an effective game plan to work with businesses and individuals to spread job sharing so others could experience the most rewarding experience of their lives, job sharing.

work muse will hold your hand:

My goal is to guide you through the process to ensure the most rewarding job sharing experience by personally helping you:

  • Find the right job share partner
  • Build the business case and create your Job Share Proposal 
  • Get the green light for your job share, either for your current position or a new one,
  • With a pro-rata salary and the benefits you need
  • Create your Job Share Agreement to set the parameters and protect the partnership
  • Develop seamless communication and handover strategies
  • Understand how to work with stakeholders as a job share
  • Utilize effective tools to make your job share transition smooth and help you work through everyday challenges. I am invested in your personal growth and success as a job share team.

I am committed to supporting you in keeping your career on track while having the work-life balance you need to be your personal best. Send me an email to schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation and change your life.

This article appeared previously on Linked In.

Melissa Nicholson is the Founder & CEO of Work Muse, a job share solutions firm. Job sharing is a partnership between two people to share the responsibilities of one full-time position. Work Muse drives adoption of job sharing in business as a source of competitive advantage while helping individuals find work-life balance. Join the #JobshareRevolution here –– events, resources, and relevant content to empower you in work and life! For more info, hello@workmuse.com.


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