Covid-19 Workplace Solution

COVID-19 changed the face of work overnight

The global pandemic changed the face of work overnight. As companies transitioned most or all of their workforces to working remotely, few had time to implement suitable preparation, training, or systems for a smooth transformation.

At the same time, the pandemic threw a BIG curveball at working parents—over 40% of the workforce—who found themselves suddenly working remotely without reliable childcare or even school. Today, pandemic instability continues to disrupt employees’ work and lives.

Leaders who will rise in the face of COVID-19

During these uncertain times, business leaders who listen, communicate and are transparent, and companies that are agile, flexible, and innovative will not only survive but thrive as those on the vanguard.

Be an innovator with job sharing during COVID-19

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For the same reasons that job sharing actively reduces burnout and high turnover while:

  • Measurably improving productivity
  • Increasing engagement
  • Producing solution-driven results, and
  • Reducing absenteeism and improving retention,

a job share program, temporary or not, is an innovative talent solution during this unprecedented time. Employers benefit from leveraging the skill sets of two talent—highly accountable to one another—in one full-time position.

combat challenges unique to covid-19 with a job share program 

In addition, job sharing combats challenges unique to COVID-19. A job share program will help your company:

  • Prevent layoffs by eliminating a position, not an employee during an economic downturn
  • Retain and recruit talent whose priorities have shifted
  • Support working parents without reliable childcare
  • Increase employee well-being while decreasing added stress on managers
  • Increase employee engagement during a time of instability and low morale
  • Maintain continuous coverage during a leave due to illness

1. Prevent layoffs by Eliminating a position, not an employee

Early in the pandemic, top economists started suggesting work-sharing, and even job sharing, to ease the psychological and layoff pain resulting from COVID-19. When companies found themselves faced with the hard reality of cutting overhead and talent, job sharing was a way to eliminate a position without eliminating an employee.

Without a U.S. social safety net, an unprecedented number of Americans left the workforce during The Great Resignation of 2021. This includes an estimated 2 million women forced out due to the lack of reliable childcare or school for their children. Employers pivoted to find and hire sought-after talent, but in 2022, the global economy is shifting downward once again.

Now that the workforce is returning to normalcy, retaining talent, just on a reduced schedule, is a solution to reduce recruitment costs while ensuring companies are ready to forge ahead poised to attract the most sought-after talent.

2. Retain And ReCruit Talent WHOSE PRIORITIES HAVE Shifted

When companies need to compete for top talent who’ve shifted their work and life priorities, job sharing is the competitive advantage employees will not find at the competition, enabling them to find a true work-life balance while advancing in their careers.

3. Support working parents without reliable childcare

Job Sharing uniquely allows working parents without reliable childcare or school to separate and prioritize work and life to bring their best, even within their home. Employers get full workweek coverage while employees keep pace with 24/7 work demands.

Job sharers work half the week, handing over the work baton to their capable partners the other half so that they can care for their families. Work happens seamlessly, and employees find a sustainable work-life balance.

4. Increase employee well-being while decreasing added stress to managers

Managers face new challenges during COVID-19: how to support the well-being of a chronically stressed workforce demanding a more humane way to work while managing a team. All while they are likely in the same boat as those they manage.

Some companies have responded with wellness perks and time off; job sharing decreases this need. In fact, job sharing enables employees to rest, recharge, and return engaged each week, all while work happens continuously.

A Gallup survey of 2 million reveals the number one factor for employee happiness at work is having a work best friend. It’s one reason research proves job sharers to be among the happiest, most productive, and loyal employees. During the pandemic, job share partners fulfill a vital role as accountability partners who are a support system for one another, taking additional pressure off of already-stressed managers.

5. increase employee engagement during a time of instability and low morale

A decade-plus after the Great Recession, many remember the long-time toll layoffs and cost-cutting measures took on employee engagement. The instability of a down economy can leave employee morale bankrupt and burnout and turnover high.

During an unprecedented time of personal and professional stress, with the added fears of illness and economic uncertainty, job sharing will increase employee engagement with accountability teams that leverage two skill sets to achieve their goals while supporting and motivating one another.

6. Maintain Coverage during leave due to illness

Job share partners often cover one another during medical or parental leave. During a time when a majority of Americans have and continue to contract COVID-19, job sharing is an innovative work coverage solution. Ordinarily, the workload would fall on already stressed employees or managers to simply “cover” work, unfamiliar with the position’s day-to-day responsibilities. But job share teams are uniquely suited to step in and ensure seamless work coverage should one partner become ill or need a leave of absence.

how Can my company implement a job share program?

Work Muse is the first U.S. job share company and a global leader in job sharing. We design sustainable job share programs with training, implementation, and support for employers and employees.

Job sharing works in most roles, and while not for everyone, is a fit for many employees. We can help you implement a job share program to reduce overhead while retaining top talent. At the same time, you’ll produce better results and continue your commitment to diversity at a time when your competition might not.

Our online training program can help you train your employees quickly and ensure they are set up for success. Learn more here.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our founder to explore whether a job share program is your COVID-19 talent solution.