Whether your company is exploring job sharing or you’ve implemented some job sharing but would like to reap its benefits on a larger level, our job share workshops are for you.

Good job share design can make a significant difference to your bottom line and help you achieve your diversity goals. Your employees get work-life balance while you get long-term loyalty. And when improving the well-being of a chronically stressed workplace is crucial, job sharing enables employees to focus on their health while work happens continuously.

Our in-person or live online workshops give you the tools you need to educate employees in a hands-on, interactive environment.



This workshop will help employees interested in exploring job sharing learn more about:

  • The changing face of work
  • What job sharing is and how it works
  • Whether job sharing is right for them
  • What it takes to job share successfully

This workshop can help employees learn more about job sharing before taking our online training program. Learn more here.

Melanie C.

“The Work Muse Workshop Series taught me the nuts and bolts of job sharing and whether it’s a fit for my life. Melissa’s passion for helping individuals find work-life balance goes beyond just talk. She gives attendees the tools they need in a step-by-step, easy to understand approach, enabling them to begin their own journey toward a more satisfying career. I highly recommend this course for anyone exploring alternative approaches to the 9-5 workday.”

employers: managers, HR & DEI


Many companies aim to increase their diversity for good reason: Gender and ethnically diverse companies financially outperform their peers. Job sharing is a diversity, equity, and inclusion super tool to not only recruit, but retain diverse talent. Additionally, there are countless creative applications of job sharing that even companies doing it are largely unaware of.

This workshop will help managers, HR, and DE&I professionals learn how job sharing works and how it can drive a more gender and ethnically diverse company. You’ll walk away with concrete, actionable steps you can take to create a more inclusive workspace. We won’t just introduce you to ideas, we’ll teach you how to put these ideas into practice.

Learn how job sharing will help you:

  • Retain new parents
  • Recruit and retain mid-to-senior women
  • Promote women to senior positions
  • Cultivate equity at work AND at home
  • Support disabled or chronically ill employees
  • Retain diverse employees with strategic job share models

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