Job Share Academy

The program for creating, selling, and getting the green light for your job share. 

Job Share Academy is a comprehensive online training program that shows you exactly how to create your rewarding job share — on your timeline with flexibility.

(while eliminating the guilt of putting family or work first, the overwhelm of your never-ending to-do list, and the stress from disintegrating work boundaries — All while keeping your career on track and breaking the glass ceiling in whatever shoes you choose.)

Lisa J. & Stacy W.

“We didn’t know each other prior to job sharing and were cautious, wanting to make sure we were a great fit. Work Muse’s training set up our partnership for success with a helpful checklist on how to prepare and make sure we were addressing everything before working together. The comprehensive guideline helped us discuss the sensitive topics one must address before entering a job share, and confront these in a proactive way.”

During an unprecedented time of U.S. job loss during COVID-19, job sharing is a multi-faceted employer solution. In addition to job sharing’s massive personal and professional benefits to you during normal times, in this moment, sharing your job will help you:

  • Manage your “new normal” handing over the work baton to your partner half the week to homeschool or care for children, or to practice radical self-care during this time,
  • Be proactive and bring job sharing as a solution to eliminating positions without eliminating top talent for employer’s faced with looming job layoffs, and
  • Help you manage your mental health and well-being with the internal support system of your job share partnership.

In addition, Job Share Academy lessons have been updated to reflect the unique challenges we face during 2020 when creating your rewarding job share, including how to position your job share’s unique benefits and employer program reimbursement during COVID-19.

Job Share Academy is our exclusive online job share program — 1 year in the  making — available summer 2020.


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