Advisory Board

Allie HEXAllie Hewlett, Finance and Benefits  Allie has worked in advertising for over a decade with expertise as a people and culture professional, finance, and benefits. Her agency’s Under Baby Program allowed new parents to bring infants to work. Allie values establishing an environment of trust and one in which employees feel valued for their contributions. Mother of Scout, Harlon, & Sabine 

Angie Cartwright, Sr. People Partner Leader  A talent leader for two decades, Angie’s a passionate advocate of best practices to drive individuals, teams, and organizations forward. Additionally, she co-founded ATX HR Meetup and runs an HR consulting practice. Angie’s love for travel is matched only by her ideas and energy around making work better for all.

Mere_HEXMeredith Volk, Director of Technical Content  With 20+ years in the technical writing field, Meredith is passionate about connecting the dots between clients, development, and services to write the content users need and design it so they can find it at a glance. She sets boundaries and does things that bring her joy. Mother of Noah & Max

Karen Browning. Product Content & Processes Professional  Karen is a strategic thinker who’s honed her skills as a writer and editor, content manager, and specialist in building online communities. Karen focuses on creating clear communication and efficient processes. By doing so, she enables people to work smarter so that they can enjoy life more and stress less. Mother of Gus & Lucian

EmHeadShot HEXEmily Mathon. Empathy Parenting Founder & Non-Profit Professional  Emily is a practicing advocate of work-life balance. She directs educational programs in the non-profit sector and teaches parents how to build harmony and cooperation in their homes. Emily brings experience developing, marketing, and teaching workshops and classes. Mother of Indigo & Kestrel


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