Fast Company

Is job sharing the solution to our flexible work problems?

“Nicholson herself weathered eight different managers while job sharing with four different partners over nine years in the radio industry. “Every time, we would have to retrain the managers because they came in with such skepticism.”

To help battle that skepticism, Work Muse launched Job Share Academy, an online training program “for creating, selling, and getting the green light for your job share.” Once the job share is negotiated and approved… Read more…

The Wall Street Journal

It Takes Two: How to Turn Job Sharing Into a Promotion…and Another

“How do you turn the unconventional setup into a career booster? The experience of successful job-sharers suggests you need a savvy mix of collaborative planning, supportive superiors and extensive networking. Job partners also must share a similar work ethic and a willingness to share the limelight. “Be bold and be visible and document your progress as a team,’’ says Melissa Nicholson, founder of job-sharing consulting firm Work Muse.” Read more…


Are You Missing Out On The Latest Workplace Revolution? The Untapped Potential Of Job Sharing

“The job sharing pair greatly benefited from the support of Work Muse, because finding each other is just the beginning. Melissa Nicholson, the founder of Work Muse, the first US Job Sharing company believes in doing the legwork, designing the job share partnership together, thus creating ownership which is absolutely crucial to ensure the success of the job sharing.”  Read more…

Respectful Exits

Job Share Champion Melissa Nicholson: Job Share Successes for an Aging Workforce

“It’s clear that the world of work is rapidly changing. Millennials through Boomers want to work flexibly, but few flexible work practices allow for employees to rest, recharge, and return each week engaged. Job sharing does. This is particularly relevant to older workers who tend to prioritize their time differently.”  Read more…

EASTside Magazine

Melissa Nicholson – Work Muse

“Melissa Nicholson is the founder of the job sharing firm, Work Muse…When I started churning with the idea of creating Work Muse, I knew a lot of people who were in a similar situation as me,” said Nicholson. “I was 40 years old, my kids were elementary age, and I had [many] people in my community saying they wanted to [job share] like I was.Read more…

New York Post

Job sharing might be the answer to avoid burnout 

“When Melissa Nicholson had her first baby and returned from maternity leave in 2006, she didn’t want to leave her job in radio advertising sales entirely, but she did want to scale back. She also needed health insurance — her husband ran his own business, and they were relying on Melissa’s job and her benefits while they raised their family in Austin, Texas.

Fortunately, her employer offered a solution.” Read more…


Is job-sharing a cop-out or a way to avoid burnout?

“When I come into work, I’m very energized and ready to go. You’re just not going to get burned out,” said Sommer Hruska, an account manager who works in sales and event marketing for Emmis Communications in Austin, Texas, who proposed a job sharing arrangement to her company after working with Nicholson through Work Muse.” Read more…


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