Job Share Center

While job sharing gives proven benefits for employers that offer it, company-wide job share success depends on a number of critical factors:

  • The right individual
  • The right partner fit
  • The critical support of management and the company 

Without company and management support, job sharing does not produce the benefits you’re seeking. It is not enough for companies to say they support it, they need to show it.

Of course, support means little without the infrastructure to produce results. Right now at companies where it is available, lack of awareness is a major barrier to adoption.  Research reveals that nearly 3/4 of employees whose companies offer job sharing don’t know there is a policy, over 80% don’t know where to find information on job sharing, and over half of managers are not aware of policies or guidelines.

Companies that embrace job sharing and showcase the positive results of successful job share programs reap consistent successes. And, the companies that see long-term success are those that:

  • Make information on job sharing easy to find
  • Highlight real-life case studies
  • Provide guidelines and toolkits, and
  • Make applying for a job share and finding a partner easy through an internal register.

Job Share Center

At Work Muse, we produce results by working with your team to implement and manage your job share programs through a customizable Job Share Center.

Work Muse Job Share Centers include:  

  • Guidelines, best practices, and toolkits
  • Newsletters and articles on job sharing
  • Case studies
  • Employee area to create a job share profile and find a partner internally
  • Application area to apply for a position as a job share