Do you feel time-strapped, teched-out, overworked? Unable to keep up with 24/7 work demands and ready to throw in the towel even after a well-established career in your field? Creating a job share arrangement is about knowing your work worth and finding the balance that lets you bring your best to both work and your personal life.

Our workshops give you the tools you need to a create a successful job share in a hands-on, interactive environment.

Edwina M.

“This course debunks the notion that job sharing only works in certain fields or positions and equips you with the data and strategy to develop and present a job share proposal to your management. Don’t be fooled into thinking job sharing hobbles your career options; rather, it’s a unique pathway to develop the balance you seek in your personal life while continuing to have a rewarding work life.”


2-hour workshop

Work Muse offers an informational workshop where you can meet like-minded professionals who value work-life balance and find out more about:

  • The changing face of work
  • What job sharing is, and
  • Why job sharing might be for you

Workshop often include Q&As with special guest job share teams like 7-year job share team Gabriela Mendez & Gabriela Proctor who share job share success insights with participants!

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Create Your Job Share Workshop Series

Job sharing offers measurable results to employers. Managers often report that job sharers are their most productive, loyal, and happiest employees. Clients and co-workers of job sharers overwhelmingly express very positive experiences working with them.

But what does that mean for you?

It could mean a dynamic and creative collaboration with a partner where diligence, accountability, and structure are built into and reinforced by your weekly interactions. It could mean that you can feel refreshed and recharged at work and at home.

Now that you know what job sharing is, can’t you just snap your fingers and make it happen?

Not exactly.

To see these results, you need a plan and clear steps forward to implement that plan.

Work Muse helps you understand:

  • Who is right for job sharing
  • How to find the right partnership
  • Best practices for maintaining and expanding that relationship
  • How to create a formal proposal to make the business case to your employer

The course includes discussions, activities, case studies, and practical tools for creating work-life balance.

Class 1: Job Share 101 & Is Job Sharing Right for You?

2 hours

Dive into the world of job sharing as we discuss how job sharing fits into the changing world of work, how it aligns with our personal and professional goals, the pros and cons of job sharing for you and your employer, and the personal & work traits needed to ensure job sharing is right for you.

Class 2: Find Your Job Share Partner & The Job Share in Practice

2 hours

Working in a job share partnership is a personal & professional paradigm shift. Job share success depends on individual fit, compatible partners, and management support. Partners share their income and professionalism. The stakes are higher and it’s imperative that you and your partner have a strong understanding of how to make your job share partnership a success. This course gives you the tools you need to find a compatible partner and start your job share partnership off right. You will learn:

  • How to identify the right partner for you
  • Top problems between partners that could cause a job share to fail
  • Deal breakers and “get-real” topics to discuss before entering a partnership
  • 3 key components job sharers create to set up and protect the partnership before working together
  • 10 essential components to job share team success
  • Exercises to practice dealing with day-to-day co-worker, client, manager, & partner challenges
  • Hands-on practice with at-work job share scenarios and tools for positive outcomes
Class 3: Write your Job Share Proposal & Job Share Agreement

3 hours

The best way to get an employer to accept a job share is to make an effective business case for it. This requires a well-thought-out proposal that addresses the design, implementation, and work strategy of a job share arrangement. A strong job share proposal solidifies your dedication to your job and the benefits your job share brings to the company. You will learn:

  • How to create your custom job share proposal step-by-step so your job share gets the green light! This includes building a robust business case and referencing research and case studies that support your plan.
  • How to compose a formal contract known as a Job Share Agreement that sets the parameters for the job share and defines how to manage and assess each partner’s performance when the job share commences.
One Hour 1:1 Consultation

This 1-hour phone or in-person consultation is a follow-on to the in-class engagement. Here you can discuss and review topics from class, and receive feedback on your job share proposal.

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A workshop on Creating Inclusive Workspaces

All-day workshop for HR/Talent/Managers/Employers

Research makes it clear that companies with more diverse workforces are more successful. They have more engaged employees, are more innovative, and perform better financially.

Many organizations want a diverse workspace, but do they have the knowledge and tools necessary to create a sustainable diversity program that attracts and retains top diverse talent? Do they know how to engage diversity in meaningful ways and create workspaces that allow diverse individuals to feel seen, heard, and valued?

Join us for an interactive workshop that will help you:
  • Understand the nuances of diversity, difference, and inclusion,
  • Articulate what’s at stake in developing sustainable diversity initiatives, and
  • Gain practical tools and strategies for creating an inclusive workspace

We’ll start with a framework for developing inclusive and equitable approaches to diversity. We’ll explore social structures that shape identity – such as race, gender, and sexual orientation – and we’ll use hands-on exercises to help you recognize your own unconscious biases and the ways you view difference. We’ll talk about skills and strategies for navigating diversity and making it an asset.

You’ll meet leaders in diversity and inclusion, human resources, and tech who will share their stories and give you concrete, actionable steps that you can take to create a more inclusive workspace.

We won’t just introduce you to ideas about diversity, we’ll teach you how to put these ideas into practice.

For information on Engaging Diversity and upcoming dates or to book this workshop for your group, organization, or company, email us. 


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