Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and burned out? Unable to keep up with 24/7 work demands and ready to throw in the towel even after a well-established career in your field? Creating a job share arrangement is about knowing your worth and finding the balance that lets you bring your best to both work and your personal life.

Our workshops give you the tools you need to a create a successful job share in a hands-on, interactive environment.

Melanie C.

“The Work Muse Workshop Series taught me the nuts and bolts of job sharing and whether it’s a fit for my life. Melissa’s passion for helping individuals find work-life balance goes beyond just talk. She gives attendees the tools they need in a step-by-step, easy to understand approach, enabling them to begin their own journey toward a more satisfying career. I highly recommend this course for anyone exploring alternative approaches to the 9-5 workday.”


Work Muse offers an informational workshop where you can meet like-minded professionals who value work-life balance and find out more about:

  • The changing face of work
  • What job sharing is, and
  • Why job sharing might be for you

Workshop often include Q&As with special guest job share teams like longtime job share team Gabriela Mendez & Gabriela Proctor who share success insights with participants!

This workshop can help you learn more about job sharing before taking Job Share Academy. Learn more here.

Got a group interested in learning more about job sharing? Schedule a complimentary consultation to explore this workshop as well as custom training workshops.