Amanda Braziel & Pat Ingram
Job Share Team

Librarians, Blackshear Elementary

  • Job shared 1 year as a way for Amanda to return from maternity leave and have time with her infant his first year. Although both needed job sharing in the short-term, it gave the duo an unexpected gift, a relationship they describe as “intimate”.
  • Pat taught Amanda about binding books and bringing the physical space of the library alive, and Amanda taught Pat her secrets to inspire younger readers. Together they brainstormed book ordering best practices and creative ways to earn revenue for the library.
  • Amanda, “Job sharing is like built-in professional development. You learn from your job share partner in a way that you cannot learn from a classroom or from reading a book.”

Winona Barron & Kathy Jacobs
Job Share Team

Realtors, Austin Realty

  • This 20+ year team has lasted longer than most marriages! When Winona became a realtor, she needed a partner to split the cost of an ad with. Kathy offered, and shortly after, the two were given the same lead and decided to go to the appointment together. The synergy was instantaneous and their job share began!
  • Work toward their strengths; Winona’s a staging star, and Kathy puts first-time buyers at ease. They attribute their success to trust & respect and shared values & work ethic.
  • Take annual hill country retreats to assess their performance, & set goals for the following year. They feel this time to recharge & reconnect is integral to their partnership.