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rise above work + life challenges in the face of COVID-19

For parents AND everyone.

Welcome to our Covid-19 working parents support center. We will add resources to this page from our partners, flexible work and work-life experts to support you during COVID-19.

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COVID-19 threw a BIG curveball at working parents who found themselves unexpectedly and suddenly working remotely (YAY flexibility!), but without reliable childcare or even school…not to mention any preparation beforehand.

So we stopped work-as-usual to prepare a real resource to help parents navigate yet another school year that feels a bit like Groundhog Day.

Signup for your comprehensive guide: Working from Home with Kids! A Guide to Keeping Your Sanity during Uncertain Times: 2021 Edition.How to Work from Home with Kids Guide: 2021 Edition

Here’s what it covers. How to:

  • Shift your mindset and focus from fear to gratitude,
  • Hack homeschooling, remote, or in-person school & give yourself permission to skip it,
  • Slay remote work with radical boundary care,
  • Implement job share principles to your new work-life,
  • And why job sharing is relevant to employers at this moment.

We’d love your help sharing this totally-free guide with parents who need it most.  

Sample post you can share or make your own:
Friends, if you’re struggling to manage your career and households during Covid-19, check out this FREE guide — it’s been my lifesaver! https://workmuse.com/workfromhome

how to talk with your boss

Our partners at WRK/360 have invaluable Covid-19 resources to help parents facilitate change management you can share with HR and your boss. These include whitepapers, guides, and webinars on topics like return-to-work, hybrid work, and how Covid is transforming the workplace, especially for women. Check out their resources for managers of parents as well as parents themselves!

Mental health & well-being

prioritize Your mental Health & Well-Being

Nothing is more important than your health and well-being. Our partners at GT Therapy Group, job share team Blake Howard Norton & Tracy Tanner, bring telehealth offerings for individual, family, and group therapy, Get to know therapists on their YouTube Channel. Plus, they’ve put together a helpful Central Texas resource list.

Pandemic work-life

watch free work-life Panels

Our partners at Bossed Up hosted a series of FREE panels to support folks on relevant topics, including this one Work Muse founder Melissa participated in:

Work from Home without Losing Work-Life Balance More panels:

listen: The breadwinners

The Breadwinners podcast by former Working Mother Magazine editor Jennifer Owens &  Rachael Ellison had become our work-life go-to. A few episodes we found relevant:


The action guide by Ellevate

An organization we’ve long admired, Ellevate helps women meaningfully network in hand-picked squads of professionally driven women who lift as they rise. The Action Guide covers every COVID-19 work-life area from remote work to fun pick-me-ups to make you smile.

community 🙌🙌

Work Muse has two communities of like-minded folks who value flexibility, work-life balance and their careers. Join our private Facebook group Job Share, Live Life + Slay Work or Fairygodboss group for free learning, partner connections, and monthly job share jobs!

prevent job loss

get ahead of layoffs

During an unprecedented time of U.S. job loss, job sharing is a multi-faceted COVID-19 talent solution for employers and employees. Be ahead of impending layoffs or help your employer keep the great talent they have (aka YOU!)—share our Covid-19 Workforce Solution area with your employer to learn how a job share program can help.

Know your rights

A Better Balance leverages the power of the law to ensure that no worker has to make the impossible choice between their job and the health or their family. COVID-19 resource hub is your resource for answers to questions from workers about their rights to accommodation, leave, and protections from discrimination.

find a job during COVID-19

Need an edge?

Bossed Up’s FREE How to Find a Job in 2022: The Ultimate Job Search for the Modern Woman

relaunch with training in a remote job

Prowess Project jumpstarts careers for women relaunching after a career break. Candidates get training, hands-on support, and are matched with companies as remote freelancers.

Help women disproportionately impacted

Did you know women have been disproportionately economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic? In March 2020 alone, over 60% of the millions of eliminated jobs were held by women. Ellevate has launched EllevateHER Forward, a fellowship granting fund supporting women. Please share and donate if you’re able.