Let’s Make Our World Better. 5 Resources to Get Flex to Be Better.

The eclipse was magical. At a time when tensions run high and divides deepen, we gathered to become children chasing half-moon shadows, feeling more connected to one another and our world. If you were like me, you couldn’t help but hum Total Eclipse of the Heart. As we return to work feeling renewed, how can we bring more heart to our work and make it all work better? 

The changing face of work isn’t just a catchphrase, work is changing — communication technology and globalization demand it, climate change requires it, and automation is here to stay. We’re slaves to digital-overtime, unable to unplug once we leave work; job sharing might be the lone work practice that can keep up with the insane pace while allowing us to separate and prioritize our two worlds — work and life — to be our best in each. When I began Work Muse, I knew stories were vital to spreading one of the least known, least used flexible work practices. Bringing you job share teams from my backyard means they are in yours too, and they’ve got a lot to teach you.

 Five resources for you:

Your skills as a parent, caregiver, neighbor, or volunteer enrich your workplace. My hope is that you have the flexibility you need to engage in all areas of your life — to connect, listen, learn, and show up — in order to make our world better.

Melissa Nicholson is the Founder & CEO of Work Muse, a job share solutions firm. Job sharing is a partnership between two people to share the responsibilities of one full-time position. Work Muse drives adoption of job sharing in business as a source of competitive advantage while helping individuals find work-life balance. Join the #JobshareRevolution here –– events, resources, and relevant content to empower you in work and life! For more info, hello@workmuse.com.

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