Engaging Diversity Workshop Dec 14 – Early Bird TIX

Many Americans have been struggling with what to tell our children this week.

Somehow this mom found just the right words, and it inspired thousands. So much so, that Upworthy shared it with the world here.

Muna Hussaini tells her daughter on election day

Work Muse is honored to co-sponsor Engaging Diversity: A Workshop on Creating Inclusive Workspaces in Austin, Dec 14th with Institute for Diversity and Civic Life and Code2040 featuring this incredible mother and human–Muna Hussaini, PayPal Diversity & Inclusion Senior Manager.

Employers, managers, talent, diversity & HR professionals, our mission for Engaging Diversity is to bring you concrete, actionable strategies to bring back to your workspaces to create an inclusive culture that not only recruits diverse top talent but retain them.

Reserve your tickets by Thanksgiving Day! for your Early Bird Discount – $50 off!

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