We Job Share, and We Are Personally Better Because of It

By Beth Malmin & Angela Detviler

job sharing benefits we know

We all know the professional benefits of job sharing for job sharers and employers. Collaboration between job sharers ultimately leads to a higher-quality work product, job coverage is available when a partner is out of the office, and days off during the week are taken while the other partner covers work, just to name a few.

When we established our career partnership, we knew we would be able to spend more time outside of work. This was a given. We were only going to be working a few days per week (and paid 24 hours per week) and therefore, would depend on the other partner to contribute professionally the days that we each were not working.

the Hidden benefit of job sharing

When we first started our job sharing schedule, we did what most job share teams do: spend time with our families on our days off.  For us, this meant raising our young, infant, toddler, and preschool-age kids.

However, what’s transpired over the past couple of years is so much more and being a full-time parent on the days we each don’t work isn’t even the half of it.  

To name just a few experiences job sharing has afforded us that we would never have had the time or bandwidth to take on if we were not in a career partnership:

  • Each of us has taken on a leadership role with separate, local organizations focused on developing strategies for fundraising.
  • Each of us has helped with extended family priorities (like assisting family members with doctor appointments and planning financials for example).
  • Each of us has volunteered our time at organizations in our communities.
  • Each of us has found time to make changes to be intentionally physically healthier, which looks different for each one of us.

what’s transpired over the past couple of years is so much more than what we could have expected

These experiences have led us to feel more fulfilled, rejuvenated, and complete not only as professionals in the workplace, but as people in the world.

This article is the third in Creating, Maintaining, and Leveraging Highly-Successful Career Partnershipsa series by job share leaders Beth Malmin & Angela Detviler of B&A Consulting Partners, based out of Minneapolis, MN.

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