Your 2016 Work-Life Balance Resolution: Job Share

The ball dropped, the fireworks went off, you got a kiss and promised yourself real work-life balance in 2016. Here’s the Work Muse ad for the elementary school directory my kiddos attend. It’s really a message to all of you, parents   Read more

Flexibility: The New Interview F-word

My new job share spreader friend Vicki Harrison, Founder of The Flex Frontier wrote a great post this week for The Savvy Intern, Flexibility: The New Job Interview F-Word.  It comes directly from Vicki’s personal experience and encouragement for others to ask for and   Read more

Tandemploy Co-CEO’s TEDx Talk on Job Sharing

Job sharing is gaining traction across the world. Really. This job sharing TEDx talk is a must see. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some job share advocates in the US — but job share consulting businesses, partner matching, and   Read more

Job Share Pilot Workshop Series

Hey Austin! I’m excited to announce a one-time opportunity: Work Muse’s FREE Job Share Work Shop Series in November.  Here is the signup with class details for you!  **Limited number of participants (10)** my story: My family and I were   Read more

“I’m sorry to all the mothers I used to work with.”

Former Senior News Editor of The Huffington Post and Executive Director of Digital of The Washington Post and current Co-Founder of Power To Fly Katharine Zaleski said what we all know but are too afraid to voice: Younger women toe   Read more