Add This Proven Tool to Your Organization’s Retention Toolkit: Career Partnerships

We had the privilege to interview former Target corporate senior leaders Beth Malmin & Angela Detviler and their HealthEast senior manager John Higgins for This Job Share Team’s Secret to Promotion, and are pleased to partner with the team for our career partnership series.   Read more

This job share team’s secret to promotion

In 2015, I left my corporate job after a decade to do something groundbreaking – start Work Muse, the sole U.S. company dedicated to the spread of job sharing. It’s clear that the world of work is rapidly changing; millennials through boomers   Read more

Tandemploy CEO’s TEDx Talk on Job Sharing

Job Sharing TEDx Talk. Job sharing is gaining traction across the world. Really. This job sharing TEDx talk is a must see. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some job share advocates in the U.S., but job share consulting businesses,   Read more

Meet ATX Radio Job Share Pioneers Pam McElroy & Emily Dillinger

A little peek behind the scenes at Picturebox with Work Muse for our Job Share Case Studies! Meet ATX radio job share pioneer Pam McElroy and her partner-in-crime Emily Dillinger. What a pleasure to have Pam McElroy & Emily Dillinger tell   Read more

Meet GX2, ATX Univision Communications Job Share Team

There are moments in life when the stars align and someone you instantly connect with crosses your path. I picked up the phone one day last spring and the voice on the other end sprang alive from the receiver, her Spanish accent sang-sung   Read more