People are Literally Dying from Overwork

I stumbled across this blog post from Energy Project CEO Tony Schwartz and thought, wow, time to get off the Ferris wheel, folks.

It includes research from a 32,000 employee, 29 market study.

As Schwartz states, “The top two drivers of performance were having leaders who built trust by demonstrating a sincere interest in employee well-being and having manageable stress levels, with a reasonable balance between work and personal life.

Companies in which employees reported feeling well taken care of — including not working too many hours — had twice the operating profit margins of those with traditionally engaged employees, and three times the profit levels of those with the least engaged employees.

The elephant in offices all around the world is that people are running on empty…If you are expected to work 60 or 70 hours a week or to stay connected in the evenings and on the weekends or you can’t take at least four weeks of vacation a year or you don’t have reasonable flexibility about when and where you work, then your company can’t be a great place to work.

…What companies really need to measure is not how engaged their employees are, but rather how consistently energized they feel. That means focusing not just on inspiring them and giving them opportunities to truly add value in the world, but also on caring for them and providing sufficient time to rest and refuel.”

Sound words.

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