Meet ATX Radio Job Share Pioneers Emily Dillinger & Pam McElroy

A little peek behind the scenes at Picturebox with Work Muse for our Job Share Case Study Project! Meet ATX radio job share pioneer Pam McElroy and her partner-in-crime Emily Dillinger.

What a pleasure to have Pam McElroy & Emily Dillinger tell story after story of how much fun they had job sharing as partners in crime during the old school radio days in 2001.

Pam smiling ear to ear, “We laughed about everything a lot…I lived for Wednesdays!” Emily shot back, “It was a fun experience, the whole thing.”

These two were like Thelma and Louise, conquering radio nearly 20 years ago, when deals were done on cocktail napkins and you had to keep on your toes and a step ahead when doing business with nineties Texas businessmen.

Pam pioneered job sharing

in Austin radio nearly two decades ago in 1999. She might not have realized it in that moment, but she opened doors for many women (and a few men!) including me to do the same in that industry. I was lucky enough to work with Pam when she began her first job share with partner Dana Montgomery at iHeart Media (formerly Clear Channel Communications). I was in my early twenties and children were far from my mind, but seeing our female Market VP Judy Shelton Lakin take the leap of faith to do something that was unheard of seemed so gutsy.

Pam returned to work after five years home with her daughter and literally interviewed all over Austin, unafraid to ask for the schedule she needed for her work-life balance. She was a single mom at the time, as was Emily, and job sharing gave the duo the income and time they needed to raise their families. Pam’s tenacity paid off when she interviewed with Judy, a working mom who was willing to take a calculated risk on a work practice she’d heard of, but hadn’t seen in practice. Pam knew she’d struck work-life gold.

The advice this team gives to industries considering job sharing, “Try it!” On working together, Pam smiling ear to ear,”We laughed about everything a lot…I lived for Wednesdays!” (the Dynamic Duo’s shared day) Emily shot back, “It was a fun experience, the whole thing.”

Companies are losing senior women at an alarming rate. As Pam proves, job sharing is a great way to retain them and an appealing solution to recruit returners with the professional development, support, and flexibility they need.

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