E-Training is job share training delivered to your email box! Work Muse offers job share E-Training for people who may not be in the Austin area.  It’s also an option if you’re time-strapped or you just prefer web-based training over a classroom setting. Instead of meeting traditionally, we communicate via email, customizing the content to your role and industry.  This option includes a 1:1 phone consultation to go over key areas and questions.

Lisa J. & Stacy W.

“We didn’t know each other prior to job sharing and were cautious, wanting to make sure we were a great fit. Work Muse’s e-training set up our partnership for success with a helpful checklist on how to prepare and make sure we were addressing everything before working together. The comprehensive guideline helped us discuss the sensitive topics one must address before entering a job share, and confront these in a proactive way.”



Step 1: Email us

Send us an email with a description of what you’re looking for, and what you’re hoping to achieve


We email you a Work Style Questionnaire, you fill it out and email it back. The Work Style Questionnaire will allow us to assess your needs for a customized experience. Tell us more about your role, industry, and work environment so we can cater the training to you and/or your partner. The more detail you provide, the more we are able to meet your specific needs.

step 3. WE GET TO WORK!

We create a customized training for you and/or your partner! Say goodbye to feeling time-strapped, teched-out, overworked and ready to throw in the towel. Creating a job share arrangement is about knowing your work-worth and finding the balance that lets you bring your best to both work and your personal life.

step 4. YOU’VE GOT MAIL!

Within 2 business weeks from receiving your Work Style Questionnaire, you receive a customized training.

This is where the fun begins and you become empowered to change the way you work and live! You dig into the coursework which includes activities, case studies, and practical tools for creating work-life balance.

Based on your needs, Work Muse can help guide you through:

  • Who is right for job sharing
  • How to find the right partnership
  • Best practices for maintaining and expanding that relationship
  • How to create a formal proposal step-by-step to make the business case to your employer, your Job Share Proposal.

It should take 2 hours or less to complete your Job Share Proposal. Building the business case for the green light is where you take charge of your life. Being prepared with strategies to deal with day-to-day challenges will ramp up your partnership from day 1 and keep it on track.


You’ll have a 30-minute follow-up phone consultation to go over key areas and answer questions about your job share path.


Now that you have the training and knowledge to make sure you can get the most out of job sharing, you are ready to take charge of your life and enjoy all the benefits job sharing has to offer!

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