Every Week Job Sharing Can be Like Camp Kammok

Last Monday I got the text, “Do you want to come to Camp Kammok with me this weekend as my +1?” from my college roomie.

Angel is this other-worldly friend who savors life the way other moms dream of. She’s got her sh*t together. As in, her emotional sh*t. She knows when it’s just the other person, how to let it go, grab a yoga mat and a good book to engulf, and then ponder how to integrate the lessons she’s learned into her life. She has almost no use for Facebook and instead makes space to travel and take yoga retreats to Peru. She even home-schooled her son his 5th-grade year so they could travel together.

So when this friend asks you to be her plus one, “yes” is really the only choice—it glides off your tongue without a check-in with your schedule, work, or husband and you go with it.

Were there logistics to plan? Nope.

I packed a duffle, borrowed a Kammok, grabbed a pillow and sleeping bag, and forwent the ritual half-day packing and unpacking in lieu of a 15-minute pack, set up, and take down. For camping. I didn’t even have to drive.

We arrived at our destination Reveille Peak Ranch and were greeted with a smile, a swag bag, and 5 adventures to choose among by Kammok’s CEO Haley. I looked toward the pavilion to see kids and grown-ups doing yoga, and we scouted our hidden spot.

The next 48 hours restored my faith in humanity and renewed my soul. It reminded me that job sharing gave me a similar solace, confidently unplugging in order to enjoy the small things, nature, my little humans, and quality time with myself.

It’s amazing how little we think of being on our cell phones all the time until nobody is. 250 nobodies. The people—twenty-somethings to seventy-somethings, couples with babies in slings, little kids, and even high school or college-aged kids—just seemed at ease, healthier, happier. And the dogs loved on their humans as if they took note and approved.

Imagine having every need taken care of: hiking, repelling, rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing—all with guides. And flatbed trailer rides on the hour for spring-fed quarry dips, music, and fellowship. Want to win a giant rock, paper, scissors-off to be the camp counselor? This woman below did!

Local Austin favs ChilantroLa PeraEPIC Bar, and Wildway served up buffet-style meals and staff gently called us in, “Guys, dinner’s served” as building community was the focus: a camp made for adults, complete with games and gratitude circles. There were no forced expectations. If all you wanted to do was read in a Kammok, walk around, sleep with your pooch, or pet a baby armadillo? Fine.

When we first arrived, Angel and I were in the bathroom lamenting our wrinkles and a woman with an indistinguishable accent casually turned my way, “Forties is young. Your body still makes babies. Twenties, thirties, forties…it’s all the same. Forties is very young.”

And it reminded me, who cares?

Life is finite. We’re human. Just live it.

And truly, stop with the stories…

Get the work-life balance you need. Work in a way that works for your life. And if job sharing is it, live four days a week as if you were at Camp Kammok. She was right; each day will bring life to your life.

Melissa Nicholson is the Founder & CEO of Work Muse, a job share solutions firm. Job sharing is a partnership between two people to share the responsibilities of one full-time position. Work Muse drives adoption of job sharing in business as a source of competitive advantage while helping individuals find work-life balance. Join the #JobshareRevolution here –– events, resources, and relevant content to empower you in work and life! For more info, hello@workmuse.com.

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