engaging diversity

A workshop on Creating Inclusive Workspaces

Wednesday, December 14th 10:30-5pm – HR/Managers/Employers

Research makes it clear that companies with more diverse workforces are more successful. They have more engaged employees, are more innovative, and perform better financially.

Many organizations want a diverse workspace, but do they have the knowledge and tools necessary to create a sustainable diversity program that attracts and retains diverse talent? Do they know how to engage diversity in meaningful ways and create workspaces that allow diverse individuals to feel seen, heard, and valued?

Join us for an interactive workshop that will help you:
  • Understand the nuances of diversity,difference, and inclusion,
  • Articulate what’s at stake in developing sustainable diversity initiatives, and
  • Gain practical tools and strategies for creating an inclusive workspace

We’ll start with a framework for developing inclusive and equitable approaches to diversity. We’ll explore social structures that shape identity – such as race, gender, and sexual orientation – and we’ll use hands-on exercises to help you recognize your own unconscious biases and the ways you view difference.  We’ll talk about skills and strategies for navigating diversity and making it an asset.

You’ll meet  leaders in diversity and inclusion, human resources, and tech who will share their stories and give you concrete, actionable steps that you can take to create a more inclusive workspace.

We won’t just introduce you to ideas about diversity, we’ll teach you how to put these ideas into practice.


10:30-12n, From Diversity to Inclusion: Concepts & Approaches Dr. Tiffany Puett, Director, Institute for Diversity and Civic Life

12n-1p, Lunch (provided on-site)

1-2p, Job Share Programs to Attract & Retain Female Talent Melissa Nicholson, CEO & Founder, Work Muse

Job sharing: A partnership between two people to share the responsibilities of one full-time position. Globalization and digital over-time have left us with 24/7 work demands, and senior women are dropping out at an alarming rate. When women can find synergy between career and life, they propel their organizations to new heights of success. Learn how job share programs attract and retain top female talent, including returners while improving, engagement, productivity, and solution-driven results.


2:10-3p, Cracking the Code on Diversity in Tech: Initiatives to Elevate Black & Latinx Engineering Talent, Marcos Cunha, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, CODE2040; CEO, YouRoam

3:10-4p, Building an Inclusive & Diverse Workforce at PayPal: Innovative Programs & Practices, Muna Hussaini, Sr. Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, PayPal

For information on this workshop, or to arrange a workshop at your business, email us.

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