What Is Job Sharing? Sept 7th *Special Announcement *

Special Announcement! “My love letter to my working mom friends went viral and women from Africa to Chile wish they could somehow make it to Austin for the What Is Job Sharing? workshop this Wed, but Austin, Texas, you can!   Read more

What Happened at 40 for My Working Mom Friends

People are talking a lot about the Motherhood Penalty these days. Even Ivanka. And, for good reason — it’s true. But like many big problems, there’s not a simple fix and the reasons are layered. Consider the need for paid family leave and affordable childcare,   Read more

What You Don’t Know About Job Sharing. Or Me.

It’s your time…You’ve heard about job sharing (kind of). And you might know me, and that I experienced actual, real work-life balance job sharing starting when my sweet girl was just six months old for over eight life-changing years. But here’s what   Read more

What Is Job Sharing? Workshop May 10

Austin, Texas, grab a friend & join me for FREE job sharing workshop “What is Job Sharing?” May 10th to learn more about ‪job sharing!  Details and tickets here! Job sharing: A partnership between two people to share the responsibilities   Read more

Your 2016 Work-Life Balance Resolution: Job Share

The ball dropped, the fireworks went off, you got a kiss and promised yourself real work-life balance in 2016. Here’s the Work Muse ad for the elementary school directory my kiddos attend. It’s really a message to all of you, parents   Read more