What happened at 40 for my working mom friends – the post that went viral!

People are talking a lot about the Motherhood Penalty these days. Even Ivanka. And, for good reason–it’s true. But like many big problems, there’s not a simple fix and the reasons are layered. Consider the need for paid family leave and affordable childcare, diversity in leadership   Read more

Why job sharing PTA Prez is brilliant for Erin & Elizabeth!

Meet Erin Dooner. Business owner. Wickedly talented interior designer. Photographer. Mom of two. Meet Elizabeth McQueen. KUTX DJ. Podcast producer. Musician. Austin Music Commission board member. Shift. board member. Mom of two. And co-organizers of the 1st ever Maplewood Parent   Read more

What you don’t know about job sharing. Or me.

Austin, Texas–it’s your time. You’ve heard about job sharing (kind of). And, you might know me and that I experienced actual, real work-life balance job sharing starting when my sweet girl was just six months old for eight life-changing years. But here’s   Read more

What is Job Sharing? FREE workshop May 10th!

Austin, Texas, grab a friend & join me for FREE job sharing workshop “What is Job Sharing?” May 10th to learn more about ‪job sharing!  Details and tickets here! Job sharing: A partnership between two people to share the responsibilities   Read more

All. Of. This. Having it all kinda sucks

All. Of. This. Amy Westervelt is ballsy enough (yup, I said it)  to share her story – the dirty little secret of all working moms in America. Having it all kinda sucks. Read now and don’t stop until the last sentence. This is why I   Read more