How to Find a Flexible Job

“Pursuing flexibility can be an intimidating and isolating experience, but there are more resources today than ever before, and the movement is growing at a rapid pace. If you are wishing for a more flexible arrangement and don’t know how to get there, here are some places to start.” Read more…

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Job sharing might be the answer to avoid burnout 

“When Melissa Nicholson had her first baby and returned from maternity leave in 2006, she didn’t want to leave her job in radio advertising sales entirely, but she did want to scale back. She also needed health insurance — her husband ran his own business, and they were relying on Melissa’s job and her benefits while they raised their family in Austin, Texas.

Fortunately, her employer offered a solution.” Read more…


Is job-sharing a cop-out or a way to avoid burnout?

“When I come into work, I’m very energized and ready to go. You’re just not going to get burned out,” said Sommer Hruska, an account manager who works in sales and event marketing for Emmis Communications in Austin, Texas, who proposed a job sharing arrangement to her company after working with Nicholson through Work Muse.” Read more…


Take This Job and Share It: Discover the hot new way to work part-time 

“I had been wanting more balance in my life, and this was the answer,” says Stuart, 63, an account executive at a broadcasting company in Austin, Texas.

…Sharing a job is a good option for employees at any stage of their careers, but it can be especially appealing for workers 50-plus who might want to start scaling back their hours.

“Job sharing is a great way to work in a part-time capacity in a senior role,” says Melissa Nicholson, founder of Work Muse, an Austin, Texas-based job-sharing support firm that helped Stuart get her new work arrangement off the ground.” Read more…


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