Flexibility: The new job interview F-word

My new job share spreader friend Vicki Harrison, Founder of The Flex Frontier wrote a great post this week for The Savvy Intern, Flexibility: The New Job Interview F-Word.  It comes directly from Vicki’s personal experience and encouragement for others to ask for and   Read more

Tandemploy CEO’s TEDx Talk on Job Sharing

Job Sharing TEDx Talk. Job sharing is gaining traction across the world. Really. This job sharing TEDx talk is a must see. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some job share advocates in the U.S., but job share consulting businesses,   Read more

Job Share Pilot Workshop Series

Hey Austin! I’m excited to announce a one-time opportunity: Work Muse’s FREE Job Share Work Shop Series in November.  Here is the signup with class details for you!  **Limited number of participants (10)** And, here is my story: My family   Read more

“I’m sorry to all the mothers I used to work with.”

In March, former Manager of The Huffington Post and The Washington Post and current Co-Founder of Power To Fly Katharine Zaleski said what we all know but are too afraid to voice: Younger women toe the line to corporate culture   Read more

Meet ATX Radio Job Share Pioneers Pam McElroy & Emily Dillinger

A little peek behind the scenes at Picturebox with Work Muse for our Job Share Case Studies! Meet ATX radio job share pioneer Pam McElroy and her partner-in-crime Emily Dillinger. What a pleasure to have Pam McElroy & Emily Dillinger tell   Read more